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Apart from personal and group coaching, I also give talks and workshops on money and personal finance. My aim is always to make my presentations interesting, enjoyable, and even fun! Many people are uneasy when it comes to the topic of money, but through humour, practical examples and simple, actionable steps, I help my audience create a more positive mindset regarding money, and inspire and motivate them to analyse, plan and take action in their own lives. I want everyone who attends my talks to leave the room with a new-found excitement regarding their finances!

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I can adjust or tailor a talk or workshop to suit the needs of you and your audience – I want to make sure that I am covering topics that are relevant and interesting for everyone attending my talks.

Below is an example of the kind of talk I might do:


Take Control of Your Finances


Are you struggling with feast and famine cycles, and finding it hard to budget? Would you like to save or invest, but can’t find the money, despite having what you’d call ‘a decent income’, or maybe you just don’t know where to start? Perhaps money is something you’d rather not think about at all. Does any of this sound familiar?

In this session, participants will discover:

– How your mindset can affect your finances, and the importance of planning and goal setting

– How you can find out the true state of your finances

– How to create a budget – and how to stick to it

– How to make your money work harder for you

This interactive session will include concrete examples, practical exercises and plenty of time for questions.


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A tailor made talk can include the following topics:

  • money mindset
  • budgeting
  • paying off debt
  • financial planning
  • getting started with investing

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If you would like to get in touch to discuss booking me to give a talk at your event, please fill in the contact form here, or send an email to jenni[at]coachingbyjenni.com with information on your event and what you are looking for in a speaker.

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