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The Business Finance Starter Kit



This kit includes everything you need to manage your business finances


Setting up a business can be stressful. You wanted to start a business so that you could spend your days doing the work you love and that lights you up, but instead you find yourself in this swamp of new things you have to learn, and it’s overwhelming. You have no idea where to start, and sometimes you don’t even know what it actually is that you should be learning in the first place.

Managing the finances of your new business seems scary – bookkeeping sounds pretty daunting, you don’t know how to deal with tax, and you’ve never been good with numbers.

When you look at business finance guides for startups, your head starts to spin and you don’t know what half the words even mean. All you want is someone to tell you the things you need to know right now, and only those things, so that you can get on with it – no need for all sorts of fancy stuff to confuse you even further when you’re only just starting out. You can learn the advanced stuff later, but for now you just want a basic model to follow.

I hear ya, sister! 


That is why I’ve created the Business Finance Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to know when you’re first setting up your business, and it will help you avoid the situation where you spend hours and hours stressing and worrying about your business finances, only to eventually give up and turn up at the doorstep of a bookkeeper in tears, with a shoebox full of wrinkly receipts.

This is not difficult stuff, and you can totally do it – you just need someone to show you how!


This bundle contains:


3 PDF printables

  • One planner to help you plan ahead for larger expenses and not get caught out
  • One checklist to make sure you have everything set up and you’re ready to roll
  • One To Do list that you can refer to every week, month, quarter and year

4 spreadsheets

  • One to help you track all the money coming in to your business
  • One to help you track all the money going out of your business
  • One to double check that you’ve done everything correctly
  • One to help you keep track of how well your business is really doing

and last but not least

2 videos

  • One to give you my top 4 tips on how to manage your business finances
  • One to tell you how to actually use all these fantastic resources

(I’ve also made all the resources really pretty – just because we have to use a spreadsheet doesn’t mean it has to look boring!)

This kit will take you from a nervous wreck to confident pro when it comes to managing your business finances. 

Price: $37.99

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